Rules for getting a Welcome bonus:

1. Open an account and Deposit it for the first time.
2. Get a 100% bonus on the Deposit amount.*
3. Open transactions and enjoy trading. The more active you are
trading, the faster the bonus turns into real money.
4. The converted bonus is credited to the trading account. It can be removed or
use in future transactions.

what is a Welcome bonus?
Welcome bonus is a cash bonus that can be credited to the EuroFxTrade client at the first Deposit of the trading account. To convert a Welcome bonus into real money, you need to perform a certain amount of trading operations.

how do I get a Welcome bonus?
To get the Welcome bonus, you must:
* pass the registration procedure in the company;
* first time Deposit;*
the minimum Deposit amount is 1000 USD.

how is the bonus converted into real money?< / strong>
The client makes transactions with various financial instruments. At the same time, it is charged with the established brokerage fee. Each time you pay a reward, a part of the Welcome bonus is equal to the specified percentage of the amount paid
rewards (so-called “conversion rate”), converted into real money.
Conversion to real money occurs when trading all financial instruments except crypto-currencies.
Every day at 21:00 GMT EuroFxTrade analyzes the amounts paid and takes into account the converted part of the bonus. Each time this part reaches a certain amount (the so-called “minimum payout”), EuroFxTrade lists the converted
the amount to the client’s trading account. The client has the right to withdraw (write off) this money or use it in future trading operations.
The bonus must be converted within a certain period (the so-called “conversion period”). Part of the bonus not paid at the end of this period is reset. At any time in the Web or mobile application, the client can find out what part
bonus left to convert, as well as the time remaining to convert. The bonus amount, the conversion rate, the minimum payout, the conversion period, as well as the minimum Deposit amount and the maximum possible bonus amount depend on
the current proposal EuroFxTrade and subject to change.

other conditions of work with welcome bonus
EuroFxTrade does not perform banking operations, does not accept money for deposits and does not participate in any operations related to illegal legalization (laundering) of funds. Welcome bonus is intended solely to offer
EuroFxTrade clients have more favorable trading conditions.
Thus, EuroFxTrade has the right to refuse to issue a Welcome bonus to certain customers or groups of customers, as well as to cancel or change these Rules without giving reasons. The promotion runs from 1 January 2019 to 31 December 2019.
By activating the “welcome-bonus” promotion, the client cannot participate in other company promotions. The exception is those shares in which the conditions are not prescribed restrictions. The maximum bonus amount provided under this promotion cannot exceed $30,000. The “Welcome bonus” is accrued no more than 2 times, if the amount of each subsequent replenishment exceeds the amount of the previous one. The company reserves the right to change the terms and conditions of the promotion. Bonus funds are recorded in the “Bonus” column in the personal account and are available for trading, but are not available for withdrawal. After receiving the” welcome-bonus”, the client has no right to refuse it until all the conditions of the promotion are fulfilled. Upon receipt of the bonus, the funds deposited to the trading account are available for withdrawal after reaching the trading volume equal to 50 lots for each 1000 bonus provided. Bonus testing is carried out only by the Client’s real funds. All earned funds (not including bonus) are also available for withdrawal after the execution of this item. Withdrawal of funds to the client becomes available after all the conditions of this promotion. For clients attracted by partners and participating in this promotion, the company has the right to cancel the affiliate fee, in case of fraud. Clients from all countries except the United States of America and Canada are allowed to participate in the promotion.

* In some partner promotions, the terms of the Welcome bonus may differ.

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