This week’s rouble with oil was the highest since 2009

The Russian ruble fell by about 6.4% from last Friday against the us dollar, despite the rise in futures for Brent by 5% over the same period. In the course of yesterday’s trading, the rouble and oil reached the highest point since January 2009, Bloomberg noted.

The ban of the us Treasury to American residents to do business with a number of Russian businessmen and related companies provoked the collapse of the Russian ruble. Investors ‘ anxiety is exacerbated by the white house’s unpredictability. The US is preparing to respond to the alleged use of chemical weapons in Syria, where Russian and Iranian forces are fighting the rebels on behalf of President Bashar al-Assad. It should be noted that the same factor contributed to the growth of oil prices: market participants fear that the growth of tension in the middle East could jeopardize oil production in the region, which will reduce the supply of raw materials to the world market.