The us dollar fell, and the pound is kept close to the minimum for the year.

On Wednesday, the dollar fell slightly against a basket of other major currencies. The dollar depreciates for the second day in a row against the backdrop of reduced tensions in trade relations. At the same time, the pound sterling rate is kept close to the minimum for the year due to uncertainty in relation to Brexit.
At 11: 11 GMT, the us dollar index, which shows the purchasing power of the dollar to the trade-weighted basket of six major currencies, was trading at 94.98 after a decrease to a minimum of 94.82 session and a decrease on Tuesday by 0.2%.
Last week, the dollar index reached its maximum for the year due to the increase in the interest rate of the fed and fears of trade conflicts.
The recent rise of the dollar stopped on the background of reduction of fears about tensions in international trade. This reduced demand for the us dollar.
Tensions in international trade remain in the spotlight after the trump administration said on Tuesday that it will impose 25% duty on Chinese goods worth $ 16 billion this month.