The Euro declines against the dollar

The us dollar strengthened against the Euro on optimistic news from the foreign trade sector, stable against the yen during trading on Wednesday. The us currency is stable against the yen.
As reported, negotiations on trade between the US and Canada resumed yesterday in Washington. They are the head of the canadian Ministry of foreign Affairs Chrystia Freeland and U.S. trade representative Robert leutheuser. According to media reports, the canadian side agreed to make concessions on the supply of dairy products, if the States are ready to compromise in other areas.
Earlier it became known that the US and Mexico have reached an agreement on the future of mutual trade.
Also, currency traders are waiting for revised data on changes in US GDP in the second quarter, which will be released on Wednesday. Preliminary data indicated the growth of the us economy in April-June by 4.1%, and experts expect a revision of the indicator by 4%.