The dollar to the Euro strengthened the fall on the data on the us labor market

During trading on Friday, the us dollar against the Euro strengthened the decline after the publication of data on the us labor market. The report of the us Department of labor pointed to a more significant than expected increase in the number of jobs in the us economy with rising unemployment and slowing wage increases.
The slowdown in wage growth is perceived by traders as a signal of weakening inflation in the US, which may limit further tightening of monetary policy by the Federal reserve (fed), which puts pressure on the dollar.
As of 16:50 GMT, the Euro-dollar exchange rate jumped to $1,1760 compared to $1,1691 at the close of the previous session.
The Euro was supported on Friday by strong statistics from Germany. The volume of industrial production in Germany in may 2018 increased by 2.6% compared to April, while analysts on average expected an increase of 0.3%. Compared with may 2017, industrial production increased by 3.1% instead of the projected 1.5%
The dollar against the Japanese yen fell at the same time to 110.48 yen from 110.64 yen the day before.
The ICE index, which tracks the dynamics of the dollar against six major world currencies, loses 0.4% during trading.
For the Euro to 16: 50 MSK gave 129,91 yen against 129,32 yen at the end of the previous session.
Traders also continue to assess the potential impact of the entry into force of increased duties on Chinese exports to the United States and China’s response.