The CBR has suspended the purchase of currency on the market since August 9.

The Central Bank of Russia did not buy the currency under the budget rule on the stock exchange on August 9, follows from the data of the regulator.
Last week, the fall of the ruble intensified due to the threat of new us sanctions against Russia and further tightening of sanctions policy, against it also played the fall of EM currencies.
The Central Bank reported that August 8 halved the purchase of foreign currency compared to the planned volume of daily purchases – 16.8 billion rubles.
The schedule of foreign currency purchases may vary in the case of high volatility, the Central Bank warned. During longer operation in the framework of the budget rules are made in full
The previous time, the CBR suspended intervention in the foreign exchange market in April-for six days without buying the currency amid the fall of the ruble due to the announcement of new us sanctions against Russian officials and businessmen.
The Central Bank believes that the increased volatility of the ruble exchange rate in recent days is a natural reaction of the financial market to the news about new potential sanctions against the background of changes in global financial markets.