The anonymity of crypto currency is dangerous – Bill Gates

The founder of the American company Microsoft (“Microsoft”) Bill Gates believes that the use of digital currency can be “very risky” business. This opinion the billionaire expressed in an open interview with users of the popular online portal Reddit.
Among the main shortcomings of crypto currency Gates called anonymity, which gives a lot of scope for money laundering, sponsoring terrorism or buying drugs. “Yes, cash can also be used for such things, but they need a physical presence to transfer them, which complicates things,” Gates said.
He also described the wave of speculation surrounding crypto-currencies as “a very risky thing” for those who are seriously engaged in financial transactions.
Crypto currency is a kind of digital currency, the accounting of which is decentralized so far. In particular, the concept implies work on the basis of blocking technology (English “chain of blocks”) – a database that is not associated with one common server.