Germany’s economy may lose 200 million euros due to Germany’s match with South Korea at the 2018 world Cup

The match of the third round of the group stage of the world Cup between Germany and South Korea can cause damage to the German economy in the amount of 130 million to 200 million euros, reports “German wave”, leading the calculations of experts of the Cologne Institute of German economy (IW).
Many in Germany will probably watch the match against South Korea in the workplace. The match will take place on Wednesday at the Kazan arena stadium, the beginning is scheduled for 17: 00 GMT, in Germany will be an hour less, that is, the working day will not end for at least 30% of the employees of German companies, according to IW.

If at least half of them decide to watch the match in the workplace, then during the game, during which they will be distracted from ordinary Affairs, the country’s economy will suffer damage in the amount of 200 million euros.

In 2017, Germany’s GDP amounted to 3.26 trillion euros, so 200 million euros-the damage is not too significant. In addition, IW expert Christoph Schroeder believes that such a scenario has a positive side, which is to improve mutual understanding with colleagues. “It is hoped that the German team will win,” he concluded.