Former trader Credit Suisse Group AG Charlie Chan, whose hedge fund Splendid Asia Macro Fund added 47% last year, adheres to the “bearish” sentiment on the dollar.
In 2017, Chan bet on the fact that the currencies of emerging markets will grow against the dollar, as the policy of Donald Trump will put downward pressure on the currency.
US Treasury Secretary Stephen Mnuchin last week provoked the most rapid decline in the currency since March, saying that a weak dollar has a favorable impact on the economy.
Splendid profit from the growth of Asian stocks, as well as the weakening of the dollar.
At the same time, its competitors, such as Rokos Capital Management, Brevan Howard Asset Management and Caxton Associates, suffered losses.
Chan maintains a bearish sentiment against the yen against the Asian currencies. According to Japanese stocks, his forecasts are more optimistic, but after a Nikkei 225 gain of 19% last year he calls for caution.
In the first half of 2018, world stocks will remain strong, as a reduction in taxes will cause the growth of capital investments in the US. Asian stocks are cheaper than American ones, while in China and India the political situation promises stability.