Deposit Insurance

Conditions of insurance.

Regardless of the choice of the trading instrument, the size of the trader’s account, the deposit insurance will provide a 100% guarantee for the safety of the customer’s funds.

You do not need to pay insurance premiums from your own funds, insurance payments are collected from you in the form of a commission for each auction lot, that is, the more you trade, the faster you pay off the insurance.

The size of the insurance premium is 10 dollars per lot, which in practice is not so much, for example, if you trade on the EUR / USD currency pair, it will be only one point to the spread.

The total number of lots that you need to trade depends on the amount of funds that you intend to insure. It also takes into account the period through which you expect to receive insurance compensation, what is more, the less the commission for insurance. In this case, you can make insurance of the entire deposit.

The minimum insurance amount is 100 US dollars, the maximum limit does not exist. In order to insure them you will need to haggle just 10 lots. If you wish, you can always increase the amount of insured funds.

Advantages of this approach are obvious – you do not need to raise additional funds for insurance, a small amount of contributions makes the commission almost invisible in the performance of trade operations, when trading relieves the psychological burden on the trader.

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