Construction volumes in the Euro area in June increased by 0.2%, in the EU-by 0.6%

The volume of construction in the Euro area in June 2018 increased by 0.2% compared to the previous month, when an increase of 0.3% was recorded, according to data from the Statistical office of the European Union (Eurostat)..
In annual terms, the increase was 2.6%.
In 28 EU countries, growth in construction volumes in the month before last was 0.6% after an increase of 1.2% a month earlier. In annual terms, the indicator increased by 2.7%.
Among the EU member States for which data are available for June, the highest growth for the month was recorded in Hungary (7.2%), Slovakia (4.5%) and France (3.8%), and the decline was observed in Slovenia (-5%) and Germany (-3.2%).
In annual terms, construction rates increased most notably in Hungary (28.3%), Poland (24.2%) and the Czech Republic (8.9%). The decrease was observed only in Bulgaria (2.9%).