Bitcoin soared 60% in a month and exceeded $ 5,000

The market of crypto-currency has fully recovered from the losses incurred after the Chinese authorities introduced a ban on conducting ICO and limited the work of crypto-instruments.
For a month bitkoin has risen in price by 60%, and on Thursday has established a new historical maximum, having exceeded 5 thousand dollars for unit.
According to CoinDesk, for the day the rate increased by 8.11% and by 15.45 Moscow time it reached 5193 dollars. Capitalization bitkoin rose to $ 86.3 billion, or 4.988 trillion rubles. On this indicator, he overtook all companies that are traded on the Moscow stock exchange. The closest pursuer is Sberbank – 4.2 trillion rubles, and Gazprom – only 2.98 trillion.
After the introduction of restrictions in China, cryptology was covered by a correction, the scale of which in bitcoin reached 40%, but the collapse also ended suddenly, as it had begun.
“Everyone knows that the ICO was banned from the ICO and crypto-exchange exchanges, but the market quickly digested this negative news,” says Alexander Boyarintsev, head of CryptoFund: even if barriers are introduced in a single country, capital quickly flows from there to other markets.
Traders from China, where the main mining capacities are concentrated, relocated to the neighboring regions – Hong Kong and Japan; Hong Kong Stock Exchange TideBit even planned an expansion of trading tools on its platform, says Forex Club analyst Irina Rogova.
In late October, there will be another hard-core – Bitcoin Gold will break from bitcoin. As a result, the owners of bitcoin will also receive new tokens. The previous “split” took place in August and brought bitcoin holders at least 11 billion dollars – for this amount they received the twin currency Bitcoin Cash.
The course can grow and on the expectations of this event, says Rogova. In addition, bitcoin is increasingly seen as an asset-shelter.
“Its decentralized nature leads to increased demand in conditions of political instability, the tension between the United States and North Korea persists, while the demand for crypto-currencies is growing,” Rogova says, when the leaders or official representatives of these countries are not too friendly towards each other, .
In these conditions, prospects of bitcoin look quite optimistic, by the end of the year it can grow to 6000-6500 dollars per unit, she predicts.