Bitcoin competitors multiply in the struggle for cryptopods

Tracking different versions of bitcoin is becoming more difficult.
New modifications of crypto currency are becoming more and more, while disagreements over the bitcoin model remain, and it is difficult to resist the possibility of quickly earning money.
In the list of bitcoins, Bitcoin Diamond, Bitcoin Silver, Bitcoin Unlimited already exist, and the newest seems to be Super Bitcoin. The largest Bitcoin Cash project broke off from the chain of battle bitcoin in August. This project, which is currently estimated at $ 18 billion, was followed by the launch in October of the less successful offshoot of Bitcoin Gold.
The question for the crypto-currency community, which counts more and more Wall Street banks and investment managers, is how bitcoin becomes fragmented. The popularity of Bitcoin Cash, as well as conversations about other offshoots over the past two weeks, caused strong price fluctuations, as it was difficult for traders to understand which crypto currency would come first.
Despite this turbulence, bitcoin is still in the lead in the ratings of crypto-currencies. According to, bitcoin’s capitalization is $ 124 billion, which is at least four times that of its closest competitors, including such alt-coins as the etherium and the monero.