The “Tory” lawmakers spoke out against Mei on Wednesday, voting for an amendment to her bill on Britain’s withdrawal from the EU. “The Tories” believe that the parliament must decide whether to accept a final agreement on Brexit.
“Supporters of withdrawal from the EU did not want to endanger parliamentary democracy,” said Chuka Umunna, a member of the Labor Party.
Since the prime minister does not have an automatic majority in the House of Commons, she is threatened with defeat in the form of an amendment to the law.
This will be a blow to Mei, which will soon receive from Brussels a “green light” for the continuation of negotiations on Brexit-u already at a new stage, at which further trade relations between Britain and the EU will be discussed.
Representatives of the Conservatives, Labor and Liberal Democrats, as well as the Scottish National Party, supported the call to give parliament the right to vote for the final agreement on Brexit.
May will have to retreat, and she understands this, since she has already agreed to make corrections to her bill, under the pressure of critics.
Having lost the majority in the parliament in the June elections, May relies on the votes of 10 political legislators from the Democratic Union party – the Unionists from Northern Ireland – to promote their bill in the House of Commons.
If May suffers a defeat in the vote on Wednesday, she will be able to change her bill at the eight stages of his parliamentary scrutiny before he becomes law.