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Simple Forex 2.0 is an innovative exchange for buying and selling currency at a rate determined by supply and demand. A unique trading platform like even the sophisticated traders

Crypto trading is a copy of classic trading on currency pairs, except that trade is conducted by crypto-currencies. The volatility of the Crypto currency is much higher than the volatility of classic currency pairs, which makes it possible to start earning much more and faster

The tool of earnings on long-term and medium-term investments EuroFxTrade!

Once a year and quarterly, EuroFxTrade experts form investment portfolios of trading instruments, which are expected to yield the highest yield. Each of the three portfolios allows you to choose the desired level of profit / risk - conservative, moderate and aggressive. Portfolios are formed at the beginning of the reporting periods (month, year, quarter), but you can start the investment at any time.

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The results of investment packages for the last month

Login Trend Action Portfolio Result
Elvin R. Ascendant EUR/USD, CFH/USD Agressive +27,5%
Max S. Ascendant CFD, Metals Agressive +19,1%
Mihail L. Descending EUR/USD, BTC Moderate +12,4%
Elena V. Ascendant Stocks, ETF Agressive +7,38%

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